A Dairy Good Show

Last week the dairy cattle took over the green shavings! Exhibitors brought top livestock to Louisville and fierce competition to the show ring. The words repeated again and again around the barn were “gratitude” and “thankful.”

The Graves family got involved with dairy cattle when their daughter Taylor, who had previously shown boar goats, wanted to work with a larger animal. Showing livestock has been a family project for the last eighteen years. Ray Graves says his children have learned work ethic, responsibility, speech skills and many other skills on the show circuit.

“As an exhibitor this year, we are so thankful that Kentucky was able to still host this event. To many, this is the ‘cream of the crop‘ as far as shows go. The atmosphere is a little different but once again everyone is so thankful to be able and show projects that they have worked on all year,” said Ray Graves.

The success of NAILE depends on many people passionate about the livestock industry. Superintendents work hard to help make the show happen each year. Kristin Paul has attended every NAILE since she was born and spent the last 12 years working as a dairy superintendent. For her, this year didn’t feel that different. Exhibitors, cows and green shavings were all in place, with just a few changes to keep everyone safer.

“Especially this year, it was great for people to have something to look forward to. Many families have been coming for years and generations,” said Paul. “I think people are willing to make compromises and follow different rules if it means they still get to participate. People were very grateful to come and show at NAILE this year.”