Bareback Riding
As they burst from the chute, the cowboy must keep both spurs above the horse’s shoulders until the horse’s hooves hit the ground. Then, as the horse bucks, the rider drags his spurs up the bronc’s shoulders, straightens his legs as he descends, and tries to stay on for 8 seconds.

Bull Riding
The bull rider uses one hand to hold onto a braided rope wrapped around the bull’s chest. If his free hand touches the bull or himself, the rider doesn’t receive a score. The score is determined by how much the bull bucks and turns, and if the cowboy stays on for 8 seconds.

Saddle Bronc Riding
The cowboy must keep his toes turned outward and continually spur the horse from its shoulders to the back of the saddle. Points are awarded based on the horse’s bucking, the rider’s spurring, his control of the horse, and if he stays on for a full 8 seconds.

Steer Wrestling
The cowboy slides off his galloping horse, hooks his right arm around the steer’s right horn, grasps the left horn with his left hand, and tries to muscle the animal to the dirt. The fastest time wins.

Team Roping
After the steer bursts from the gate, the lead rider (header) gets his lasso around both of the steer’s horns, around one horn and the head, or around its neck. Then the second rider (heeler) ropes both hind legs. One leg gets a 5 second penalty. The fastest time wins.

Tie Down Roping
The calf gets a running start and the cowboy catches up, throwing his rope around its head. Then the cowboy jumps off his horse, runs to the calf, picks it up and drops it to its side, and ties any three legs together. The fastest time wins.

Women’s Barrel Racing
Racing down an entry ramp, the cowgirl and her horse burst into the arena and follow a set path around three large barrels arranged in a triangular pattern. The rider receives a penalty if she or the horse touch a barrel. The fastest time wins.

Rodeo Clowns
Throughout the events, rodeo clowns entertain the crowd and protect the cowboys. When a rider jumps or is thrown from his animal, the clowns distract the beast and keep it from going after the cowboy.


Rodeo Announcer Roger Mooney
Widely known to fans across America for announcing rodeos from the back of his horse, Roger Mooney calls the action during the North American Championship Rodeo each year. His wife, Ashley, is also part of “the greatest show on dirt,” and provides the music.

Rodeo Clown John Harrison
John Harrison — rodeo clown and trick roper — has been entertaining crowds with his high-energy antics since 1999. He’s been nominated for the PRCA Comedy Act of the Year every year since 2004, winning the coveted award in 2012, 2014 and 2015.


On Friday, November 10 fans and contestants are encouraged to wear pink and show their support for the fight against breast cancer, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Horses and Hope.


Group discounts are available for 4-H and FFA groups attending the North American Championship Rodeo. Click here to download the order form.