All Eyes On The Exhibitor For Showmanship

The time to shine for North American International Livestock Exposition exhibitors is during the showmanship contest!

There are many showmanship contests that happen during NAILE each year, honoring the exhibitors and their hard work. Showmanship is the blend of teamwork and communication between the showman and their animal.

When showing their animals in showmanship, exhibitors guide their animals with cues, showcasing their control and mastery of showing. Judges closely observe their interaction, evaluating the exhibitors' ability to present the animal as best as possible.

Scarlett Denning from North Carolina held the title of Champion Overall Intermediate Showmanship in Tuesday’s Goat Showmanship. This special honor did not come without passion, determination, and hard work. Following Denning’s win, she was overwhelmed by emotion as she hugged her family and cried tears of joy.

“Stepping onto the green shavings in Louisville is always a huge rush,” said Denning. “It was so exciting and exhilarating. I’ll never forget that handshake.”