Angus & Shorthorns Share the Show Ring

With a white picket fence dividing Freedom Hall, exhibitors of the Angus and Shorthorn breeds simultaneously share the show ring Monday at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE).

The Angus Show, Jack C Ragsdale National ShorthornPlus Show and Shorthorn Show are open shows following two days of junior shows at NAILE. It’s a unique dynamic as exhibitors of all ages show their Shorthorn and Angus heifers and bulls in rings side by side. One side of Freedom Hall hosts the Angus breed widely known for their jet black appearance, while the Shorthorns display vastly different patterns of reds and whites.

At the end of the day, champion bulls and heifers for each breed are crowned and they will reign with their proud owners as the North American International Livestock Exposition Champions until NAILE 2019.