Building Self Confidence One sheep at a Time

Shoulders back, chin up, smile – oh and don’t “ewe” forget the sheep. Dresses, heels, lipstick and breeding sheep all go together, right? At the North American International Livestock Exposition, they do!

Every year in Louisville, Kentucky, the North American Lead Line and Costume Class is held where participants showcase their sheep while wearing a 70 percent wool garment.

Young, bright-eyed girls can be seen watching ringside as they look up to older participants as they compete. In a world where confidence is a rarity, this contest reinforces the true meaning of being a self-assured agvocate.

Within each age group, exhibitors present their sheep in an attractive manner, take part in a fashion show, and show off a wool garment to promote the industry. Participants are assigned scores based off of garment construction, style and fashion of the accessories, poise, appearance, control of animal, and presentation and appearance of animal.

During the contest contestants, both young and old, hand off their animals to an attendant to step up onto a stage in the middle of the show ring. There they model every angle of their garment with confident and poise.

There is truly a contest for everyone. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a confidence.

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