Judging the Judges

College students from all over the country strive for success each year at the North American International Livestock Exposition Livestock Judging Contests. Each team is vying for the same goal: take home the bronze bull.  

Contestants examine and place 12 classes of livestock comprised of 4 animals of either sheep, goats, cattle, or swine, and then give 8 sets of oral reasons. The competition at NAILE is tight, especially on the Senior College side where contestants end their judging journey. Many of them have competed since their 4H days. Emotions are high, and contestants must stay focused on the prize.  

At the Senior College Awards Banquet on Tuesday, November 14th where trophies are awarded, Coach Chris Mullinix was recognized for his work in the sport of Judging for 27 years. He now sets out for retirement and was honored in a video during the banquet that highlighted the hundreds of students he has coached and impacted.  

“Chris’ real goal is to produce outstanding people,” said Dr. Scott Schaake, Mullinix’s past coach and colleague.  

Shane Bedwell commented, “To be part of his legacy is an honor.”  

Congratulations to those who competed in this year’s contests and worked all year to put their efforts to their highest ability. The champion Senior College team was Oklahoma State University, and Bulter Community College was the champion Junior College team.