Kentucky Youth Takes Home the Coveted Purple and Gold

NAILE is underway, and the excitement of champion drives is filling the barns. As we wrap up the Breeding Gilt Show, a Kentucky teen brings home the banner winning in his own state.

19-year-old Corbin Coyle from Danville, Kentucky struck gold with his breeding gilt this week at NAILE winning Grand Champion. After growing up on his parents' sheep farm, Corbin began his own project of show pigs, but it takes more than just growing up on a farm to raise a champion.

“It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of help from other people, asking a lot of questions and getting advice from others,” Corbin said as he explained how he prepares, saying he isn’t afraid to ask others for advice leading up to the show.

In the ring, Corbin was shocked but excited by the judge’s choice.

“It took a while to set in. It didn’t feel like it had really happened,” he said.

During a livestock show, exhibitor hearts are always racing with anticipation while the judge makes their decision, but Corbin and his gilt are no strangers to the winner’s circle.

“It truly is an unreal feeling, it’s more special being in my home state,” said Corbin of winning – just a couple months after also winning at the Kentucky State Fair back in August.