North American International Livestock Exposition Opens Nov. 3

Agriculture is a major economic driver in the Commonwealth. Often unseen, farmers throughout our state work diligently to feed Kentucky, the United States and even the world. The 49th North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) is a rare opportunity to see the best farmers from across the state and country showcase purebred livestock, the best-of-the-best in class, all under one roof.

For the uninitiated, livestock shows are an opportunity to see a wide range of animals, support our farmers and see behind the scenes of the agriculture industry. For those in the business, showing livestock establishes the quality of their animals, increases the prestige of their business, offers networking opportunities and helps plan future genetics for their operation. These shows, including NAILE, are essential for farmers to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing industry with the goal of meeting and often exceeding the consumer's expectations.

NAILE is the largest purebred livestock show in the world and is held annually in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Livestock exhibitors from 48 states and Canada, as well as agribusiness professionals from around the world, travel to the Commonwealth to observe over 23,000 of the best livestock compete for titles and approximately half a million dollars in premiums. NAILE accepts entries for many divisions of livestock: beef cattle, boer goats, dairy cattle, dairy goats, draft horses, llamas and alpacas, hogs, and sheep.

NAILE is where the best of the livestock industry, the future of agribusiness and the general public come together all in the name of agriculture. Many important events take place in NAILE, including:

  • Saddle and Sirloin Club Portrait Gallery Induction – Each year a new member is inducted into the Saddle & Sirloin Club, a collection that serves the livestock industry Hall of Fame. This year Darrell Anderson’s portrait will be unveiled at a special ceremony on November 13. The Kentucky Exposition Center is honored to house the collection of portraits, which includes titans of agriculture ranging from presidents to animal scientists.
  • Livestock Competitions – Major livestock competitions take place on the iconic green shavings within the Kentucky Exposition Center. These nationally respected events include The All American Jersey Show, Junior Supreme Champion Heifer Drive and National Shorthorn Show.
  • National Contests – The future of the livestock industry competes in a variety of events, from judging livestock to Quiz Bowls. Watching the next generation compete, you can see the future of agriculture is bright, hardworking and ready to tackle the challenges of feeding an ever-growing world.
  • The North American Championship Rodeo – All the excitement of the rodeo from bucking broncos to barrel racing rides into Freedom Hall Nov. 10-12. For a family, the rodeo is a great way to cap off a day spent exploring NAILE.
  • The North American Country Store – Between watching livestock shows or before the rodeo, visitors can shop a variety of booths featuring western wear, farming equipment and more at this once-a-year shopping experience. Open Nov. 4-17. Closed for animal changeover on Nov. 8.

Our show is the perfect introduction to learning about the purebred livestock industry. Participants are passionate experts and will gladly share their experiences with any attendee. It’s a homecoming for the livestock industry, a once-a-year opportunity to come together and showcase the year’s work. We want to invite Kentuckians to experience the competition and celebrate our farmers at the North American International Livestock Exposition. See you in November!

Best Regards,

David S. Beck

President & CEO of Kentucky Venues