Not Your Average Queen

All hail the queen, or in this case, the National Jersey Queen.

Every year, young women ages 16 to 22 compete for the prestigious National Jersey Queen title during week one of the North American International Livestock Exposition. Hailing from across the country, these women are passionate about the Jersey Cow and, most importantly, the dairy industry. Advocating for and representing the American Jersey Cattle Association and U.S. Jersey breeders, contestants compete in a week-long competition vying for the crown.

But this isn’t a beauty pageant as you might expect. Throughout the process, candidates are interviewed by a three-member judging panel and evaluated on Jersey-related activities, essay questions, public speaking, and a Jersey knowledge exam. Judges are looking at professionalism and poise for the next National Jersey Queen.

The current queen, 21-year-old Jackie Mudd from Northern Indiana, has had a year to remember. Sharing her advice for this year's contestants, Mudd says, “Be confident and always believe in yourself and speak from the heart and what you believe in while promoting the little brown cow!”

Once crowned, the queen’s reign begins at the Jersey Jug Futurity show at NAILE and will conclude at the same show the following year. Throughout her year, she travels across the state and country attending Jersey shows, national convention, and board meetings educating the consumer on her love for the Jersey Cow and dairy industry. After coronation, the Queen receives a $1000 scholarship and support for her travels.

As the 2023 National Jersey Queen contest wraps up, good luck to the young women participating, and may your passion for the Jersey Cow shine through.