Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork makes the dream work at the North American International Livestock Exposition Junior Breeding Sheep Show.

South Wing A bustles with families, friends and exhibitors working together. Throughout the course of two days exhibitors show sixteen breeds of sheep, including Dorset, Montadale and Oxford, in four show rings.

Around the perimeter of the barn, it’s a family affair preparing the sheep for the show. Parents help exhibitors sheer their sheep and execute the final touches before heading to the show ring. It takes two in the show ring to exhibit breeding rams and ewes. While one exhibitor braces the sheep, the other sets the feet and legs.

While spectators pack the stands, families and friends around the ring anxiously await the placing of the class, many of them with more sheep in tow.

The whole team celebrates when the judge selects the winner of the class because the teamwork did not start here, the teamwork began in the barn at home.

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