Aberdeen Angus Open Show
Lindsey Reynolds
Aberdeen Angus Junior Show
Terry Burks
Tommy Perkins
Junior Braunvieh
Jason Heath
Eastern National Salers Show
Cliff Orley
Fall National ROE Charolais Show
Cliff Orley
Hereford National Show
Andrew Foster
Junior Heifer Show
Charolais: Zack Butler Gelbvieh: Kyndal Reitzenstein Red Angus: Zack Butler AOB: Kyndal Reitzenstein Zebu AOB: Jason Heath Simmental/Sim Solutions: Randy Mullinix
Junior Steer Show
Jirl Buck
Maine-Anjou & MaineTainer Show
Dustin Frank
Mini-Hereford Show
Jason Heath
M.O.E. National Limousin Show
Kyle Conley
Mini-Hereford Junior Show
Duane Stephens
National Belted Galloway Show
Terry Burks
National Belted Galloway Junior Show
Lindsey Reynolds
National Black Hereford Show
Duane Stephens
National Chianina & Chiangus Show
Troy and Callie Thomas
National Red Poll Show
Corbin Cowles
North American National Gelbvieh Show
Terry Burks
North American National Simmental and Sim Angus Show
Jack Ward
Prospect Show
Cheramie Viator
Red Angus Show
Ernie Wallace
Roll of Victory Angus Show
Dave Duello
Santa Gertrudis Show
Duane Miller
Shorthorn Show
Brian Baragree
Shorthorn Plus Show
Brandon Callis
Clint Rusk